Anna Kendrick Falls Out of Dress at Fallout:New Vegas

We didn’t know Anna Kendrick was a keen Fallout player but here she is at the 2013 launch of Fallout:New Vegas.

She wore a black, strapless and appropriately enough falls out of it during a photoshoot giving us a tantalizing glmpse of her nipple through a seethrough chiffon;

Anna Kendrick FAllout:New Vegas


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Amy Smart side boob

American Actress Amy Smart is wearing a black, halter-neck  dress without a bra. The straps are loose giving us a perfect sneak at her boobs from the side with her nipple on display as well.

Amy Smart side boob

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Mariah Carey Blouse Slip

We stumbled on this very early picture of a young-looking Mariah Carey as she leans forward and slips out of her dress. She’s at least a cup size smaller in this photo but she has lovely, small nipples on show for us!

Young Mariah Carey
Young Mariah Carey


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Britney Spears flashes a boob

This is a photo of Britney Spears from her younger, more energetic days we think. She’s in concert and wearing s skin tight body costume made of black lycra. Her hair’s a mess and she looks a bit sweaty but the best of all she’s fallen out of her costume revealing a whole boob for everyone to see. Britney Spears has lovely, small nipples, as we’re sure will agree.


Britney Spears flashes boob


Eva Mendes side boob and nipple

We adore the actress Eva Mendes and here she is at New York premiere of Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans. Ms Mendes didn’t wear a bra but did wear a low-cut blouse treating all her fans to a view of her side boobs and delightfully puffy nipple.


Eva Mendes nippleE

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