Katy Perry reveals all

We adore Katy Perry not just because she has a fine rack, but she’s also a talented singer song writer who worked damned hard to get a foot in the door before becoming the world-wide famous superstar celebrity she is today.

We have come across an amazing naked self shot of her and wanted a) to share it with our loyal readers and b) double check to see if it was real or not. It’s hard to believe how she would let it become public if it were real, unless she’s taken the policy on the Internet of the less said about the self shot the better. Here’s the pic for you to look at;

Is this a Katy Perry nude self shot?
Is this a Katy Perry nude self shot?

It damn well looks like her. The boobs are about the right size because here’s an authentic picture of Katy Perry making a cast of her boobs for charity and to raise awareness of breast cancer. It’s no suprise that this lovely capture fetched $3,000 at auction;

Katy Perry makes breast cast

They’re surely about the right size for the self shot aren’t they?

The lovely long legs are about right too if you look at this widely circulated snap of Ms Perry’s gorgeous derriere with a bit of sideboob for good measure;

Katy Perry's fullsome hips

We think this enough to prove that the girl in that awesome self shot picture above is none other than Katy Perry herself. Just for good measure though, and I’m sure you won’t be cross with us, we’re including a few voyeuristic shots of Katy flashing her bum as she slips out of her bikini bottom when she hits the water at the end of a water slide;

Katy Perry bikini flashes bottom

She has the ass crack to die for but apart from that; what lovely thighs – just like the girl in the self camera shot. It’s her!!!!