Tania Bryer slip

Ah the lovely Tania Bryer, a respected British journalist and television presenter who started life as a weather girl at Sky TV – she’s also busy on Twitter.

Here a dastardly hack has caught this less that flattering pose of her at the debut of the film Collateral Damage;

Tania Bryer nipple will out

Dressed appropriately almost in uniform the lovely Ms Bryer is caught in the perfect side boob snap as well;

Tania Bryer flashed her boob

We think she looks fantastic and hope to see more of her soon 🙂

Emma Watson Pasty

We love Emma Watson and we love naughty slips of the nipples so this one doesn’t get much better for us. Here’s Emma at an award ceremony in New York. She has a pasty strategically placed to prevent her nipple showing but alas the whole lot is all there for the world to see. By the way you can see more of Emma nude at celebrity Skin.

A slipup from Emma Watson

American singer Kelly Rowland nipple slip while singing at an event

American singer and songwriter Kelly Rowland facing a nipple slip while singing at an event. Rowland is an American recording artist, actress, dancer, songwriter and model who rose to fame as one of the founding members of the American girl group Destiny’s Child. She has sold around forty million albums and twenty million singles with the group, and more than four million solo albums and eighteen million solo/featured singles. In total she has sold 82 million records worldwide. Here is one more pics below from the same event.